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Back On The Scene Lyrics

Rasco – Back On The Scene Lyrics

Ayo (What's that?)
One time for your mind (Back again)
Grand Imperial (Ayo, yo)
You know the name (Check it out)
Ha, ha

Yo, who think they challengin' the nigga wit' the illest rhyme
Fuckin' wit' Ras, I have your whole team scatterin'
chief chatterin', ice cold, I'm about to let the dice roll
About a-hundred for the toll
Cross my bridge wit' biz, you ain't fuckin' wit' no little kids
We grown men wit' the pen
Me and my boys destroy, you better call out the convoy
And say 'Goodnight' to John Boy
Tuck niggas away, gettin'--bucked wit' spray
By the new take for the--spit of the day
New man, new born, whole new form
Niggas still talkin', but they still can't go on
Through the eyes of the storm, I swarm like police, at the drug raid
About to get the bugs sprayed
Your style is played like nineteen-seventy-six eight tracks
Take it straight back
Be on the attack, nothin' but facts maintain
It's still hip hop, but yo, it don't feel the same
Simple and plain, I spits bonifide game
My two year reign was pure from the gut pain
The one man train givin' you all you can stand
Some niggas need crews, but I'm the whole damn van
Showin' a knack, give me a bangin' ass track
I handle my biz so I can watch the dough stack (You know it)
Even four-track to eight, twenty-four slide
I'm movin' too fast, but y'all still want to ride
Grab the wheel, I'm headed for mass appeal
So find me a breeze, I'm lookin' for ass to kill
Back in the lab I'm killin' on the first stab
When runnin' from us you better get the first cab
Bus, airplane or boat, going for the throat
I send 'I'm a not saying he wrote that quote
Freestylin', meanwhile, I'm at home makin' plans
I'm tryin' to hit eighty-five grand
Ras, the man, get in between for the green
You waited a while, but now I'm back on the scene

[Rasco] Back on the scene again
Give me the pad and the pen, too fast to get blown in the wind
Whatever the vibe you send, mines could blend
Rhymes stay clean
[Planet Asia] Back on the scene

(Scratched Ending)
"Rasco here to let 'em know"
"Rasco here..."
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