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Touchdown Lyrics

Raheem DeVaughn – Touchdown Lyrics

[Chorus: Raheem DaVaughn]
When I touchdown
That California feelings in the atmosphere
You know, You know, You know
When I touchdown
Its wall to wall with sexy ladies up in here

[The Game]
Kick the Roberto Cavall's off and lets talk-sex
Let me whisper in your ear how you like your-sex
Should I unzip your-dress
Step on out girl and tell me whats next
Do you love me,
Do you want me,
Then let me wipe the oil all on your, flesh
Take you out of them Vicky's make you forget about your, ex
Let me spray this wipe cream on your, chest
I go downtown
You go downtown, next
Unstrap my bulletproof, vest
Take two steps back and just, flex
And by now you got to be, wet
Like the ocean after the sun, sets
Its over climb up on my, chest
I wore that ass out
Girl just, rest


[Raheem DaVaughn]
When I step up in the club
You know its going down in here tonight
Put that Belvedere on ice
Let me know how you feel
Girl is it real girl
Just make sure you understand
When I put this in your hand
Its so real
So real
Candy rain drippin' down your window
Close the curtains and take off your cloths
I'll make you say oh, oh, oh


[The Game]
There she goes again talking all that, trash
Girl stop playing I tapped that, ass
We can go real slow or do it, fast
Just like I thought you ran out of, gas
And girl you like the new s-class
Every time I look at you I wanna, smash
Get inside you smash
You drive me crazy girl I can just, crash
Jump in your pool and, splash
Then slow it down like an hour, glass
Turn around girl look at that, ass
Beautiful as an Eli Manning, pass
Round two lets roll some grass
Get high, think about it then, laugh
I wanna turn you on
Let me pop your, tags
You so fly I wanna check your, bags

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