No warning signs
I’m lost in your eyes
You make me crazy

I can’t catch my breathe
You pull me in
And I am taken

My walls keep breaking
My heart is racing

Could this be me, falling in love
Letting my guard down, dropping my gloves
Thinking just one time maybe
You could be the one to save me
Could you be just another regret
Or maybe my best thing yet
I won’t know if I don’t try
Sometimes you fall
Sometimes you fly

I’m taking extra time
Putting on the heals tonight
I know you like it

You keep me up all night
You do the dumbest things
To keep me laughing

I’m standing on the edge and I’m
Thinking bout jumping

You’ve got me doing things I’ve never done before
You’ve got me wanting so much more
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Sometimes You Fly Lyrics

Rachele Lynae – Sometimes You Fly Lyrics