Windows down I feel the hot air
Lip gloss stickin to my long hair
Feel the heat roll down my back
There ain't nothing wrong with that

People staring on the street side
Stare at us kissing at the stop light
We don't notice them at all
Let 'em watch us fall
So far, so deep, so fast, so free

Ain't nothing better than some sticky summer lovin'
Who knows how far we'll go
Dash board drumming
Baby pour some sugar on me
Cranking on the radio
All I'm thinking bout
Is where you're hands are
And how you do that thing
That makes me feel like
Oh woh oh, oh woh oh, oh woh oh
You make me feel like

Staying up to watch the sun rise
Skinny dippin cause it feels right
What we're doing ain't no sin
Take it off and just jump in

The back of your truck is a nice place
To just slow down and let the world wait
We don't have to think too much
We've got this moment and that's enough
For me, with your touch so sweet

Nothing can keep us from chasing the sun
Dance with me baby
Just take me and run
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Sticky Summer Lovin' Lyrics

Rachele Lynae – Sticky Summer Lovin' Lyrics