The GameName Me King

[Hook: Game + Pusha T] Open the pearling gates Bright white lights Madonna Angels lined up in my honor, ya’ honor Name Me King (x2) I took the crown, infiltrated their fortress Kidnap the queen, rode away in white horses Name Me King (x2) [Verse 1: Game] Brick by brick I built my fortress My queen beautiful, lamborghini is gorgeous Phantom in the courtyard, 400 horses Growl make the tower fall, 911 Porsches Number 9 Jordans pause the Air Forces Kush clouds, blunts lit by Olympic torches Gold bars melted and what returned Rolexes Niggas got Breitlings to burn Loyalty to earn Royalty to who it may concern this is Los Angeles King Snapback Sipping ‘tron out the Stanley cup, I don’t give a fuck Drown them in the moat and let the bridge up My son, my heir in Nike Airs Named my little nigga King meaning you should bow at his feet before God intervene Even when I was in front of triple beams Stack paper to the ceiling, to the fiends I was king [Hook: Game + Pusha T] [Verse 2: Pusha T] Raise your glass for the last of the Kingpins The crown in the Maserati grill is mingling Rolly’s cross oceans like Frank out in England The gay Pride bezel rainbow like it’s spring again Haah crack rock, crack rock nigga My sc430 was a drop nigga Go figure, this nigga play goldfish My only pet was fish scale not a goldfish My young baby sitter now my old bitch Blowjobs to what I sold made her nose itch (Yeaghhhhh!) It’s the king being crowned, watch my predecessor fall like the sun going down (God!) It’s sunset, this is Sun Tzu (War!) He paved the way I brought a ton through (Whooo!) Been on his heels like a gum shoe He took the throne so I could run through (Yeaghhhhh!) [Hook: Game + Pusha T] [Verse 3: Game] Rose petals at my feet when I’m stepping out the Rolls The royal penis is clean, Versace belt gold Sweatin’ like a slave? Get sold Accompanied by fourteen karats stold Adjust the temperature let the heat rise up like Jesus shuttles worth in that glass jar Blue flame glowing like a Avatar Five more minutes says the silent gold hand going ’round on my Audemar Angels in the wing, ass naked do your thing Show me what that baking soda bring Do it for your king Every time I look up, they cook up I be the master of them p’s I got the hook up From New Orleans to Virginia I told her stuff them pies in her Virginia Never been caught, can’t be bought, she’s a winner Flying south for the winter make it back home for dinner [Hook: Game + Pusha T] © 2019