Typical CatsReinventing The Wheel

" Come on y'all get live get down Coming to you from the underground So listen up to what we say All ya sucka mc's won't you please come out today Come on y'all get live get down Coming froming the underground Cool, cool cause I don't get upset Check it out Tanget to my comprehension is just too complex" [Denizen Kane] See at night I can't sleep, I toss and turn Yearn, to fall into oblivion but pieces all to earn Turning mental circles that's revolving and redundant Place upon my phantom features that's rewarding and abundant We're coming into self indulgence cleaned of the present And losing in the struggle in a 40 ounce of guessing Pretending that the morning won't come tearing through the curtain Burying my mother's efigy, cursing and burning [Qwazaar] Yo! Back in the days when I was a teenager Before the spiked bats and razor blades laced with hatred You could locate Q-W-A rockin status with Satan My brother used to say that I was raised in a demon's matrix With hellish thoughts, with faceless with relevant reverant talk Evade haters, sedated with a veteran spits for loving his rocks Typical suicidal schizofrenic cults I don't know who to cut And my guns are like to needles to you cause we both shoot em up [Qwel] The Q-W-E who the fuck want strife Beat you half to death twice and smack your back to life Underground stalagtite, quick with the dick spitting a rhyme You criminals flip lines and forget to committ crimes Synonomous with nothing, bragging how you snag me beers Undescribable like " dog you had to be there" Come on and hit me quick Spit sissy fits and shitty rhymes Practice " I will never fuck with Qwel" lines fifty times [Denizen Kane] Let us begin, what? Where? Why? Or when? It will all be explained by the spraying of a pen Henpecked mugs become thugs and proceed to make me vex man Throw hissy fits on stage on call that weak shit battling I can't ignore hardcore, cold stares and shudders If these head cases are hard rocks I'm a be flipping boulders Stained by the static and the clubs are on the elvevator Fuck being smart, Denizen is aggrevated [Qwazaar] Well I heard you had the fever for the flavor of the other Qwel, Qwazaar, Denizen Kane or is it like another My blade cuts ya, ya face erupting before I touch ya The Q-W-A-Z-double A-are motherfucker! Enter the next world intense flame tames Dreadlocks to s-curls Thoughts bury your skull between your pectorals While I'm fucking Adina sources leaves your body buried Beneath the coffins deep in the forest devoid of breathing [Qwel] All you wannabes, wanna be, ask yo, cats know There goes none of my team the battle type of assholes Is that so? I'm glad you brought your dad Now take an autograph back to the backpack and finish the thought you had Catch a hi-fi to your eye might as much to mush me Calling battle cats bitches and all your dogs pussies Look me in the third eye, heard I killed your planet Rhyming is the key this 12 inch is nine bills around it [Denizen Kane] + (Qwazaar) (You on point Den?) All the time Qwa +Sucka Niggaz+ got me telling +A Million Stories+ help me +Find My Way+ +Marauding+ through the +Midnight+ +Phony Rappers+ need to +Get a Hold+ Because at that my mind is checking rhymes what did I get for when I stutter roll Schools feel the pressure of suburban and together I am walking the war towards an electric bee like scourge is never Bugging out because I took out planters my only distraction And everything is garbage through mind power and packaged *You lack the minerals and vitamins, verbally sodomize lies Spit lines to antichrist hybrids screaming That's It! Paragraphs are grabbing every neck and slash the match win Against a syllable master while you waste your hazardous tactics get back bitch See, Q-W-A don't really give a fuck what you say And I'll attack you with the skill and level of a geen beret Then I'll appear before you as an Eloheem Here to scorch you The razor sharp blade I'll force you to cough up a tonsel [Qwel] I'm first to live in infamy inspire sympathy when you rip notes For those who doubt it Typical Cats is bout it like Cliff's Notes Quotes won't need hope to see flow potency I'm not Qwel, this is some cat not even half as dope as me You know we show love motherfuckers cause Venus sent me Pussies calling us assholes for penis envy I split crews in twos to cruise the road with a fork in it Taking whack rappers out faster than black actors in horror flicks You're too weak like fortnights Toward fights with battle tracks, Typical Cats By the time you catch us we'll be whack so laugh " Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha ha Be the party people ha ha see you later" [All] (Repeat 4X) Read my lips kid, the Typical Cat is sickest If you think not redefine what your definition of 'is' is
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