Therefore I AmI Am Only An Island

And still there is no hope in holding on. So now I lean on you as I do, As I would with the wind. Cause' we were nothing more than a moment Another wish in a well Another piece of trash to pass on the road back home. And I alone- I am only an island I am only a mark Set in the center of an ocean In this ocean that is you. And on the shores where we both grew together- We built our love like castles in the sand. But your greedy hands, Your tides, Your lies eroded everything. I hope you know- That I don't want to burn this bridge No. I want to burn the entire town we built it in. So I can be reborn in a city I once adored With a clean slate A new name A new face A blank book with out a crease in a page. Cause' once again I feel trapped along side all this trash I pass out on Harvard Avenue. And as for you- You were never a trophy You were never a notch. Cause' my belt is not like the other boys, The other ones that you've pulled off on the side. You fucking whore. I am done. © 2019