T-PainI'm Sprung 3-mix

I'm sprung, how'd she get me got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you (you do, you do, you do, you do, you do)(do x8) It's something bout you that's got me doing things I said I never do. And I can say i'm amazed, the way you put it on me, how you got me chasing you. And I can careless, I don't give a damn, 'cause see you my ride or die, you a down ass bitch, who don't take no shit, keep it real and still look fly. Girl you got a body like Lopez, I want you to know dat. Aint got to show it cause ya clothes show ya format. Classic like a throwback, I'll make ya eyes roll back. Like I do my car so they don't know where I done rolled at. A hundred miles too far, tryna get to where u are. Something like an angel, precious diamonds or a shining star. The mood swangin just right, just might stay the night. Have dinner by the candlelight and we can do it all night. Real talk, imma tell ya off the rip, It aint yo face, and it aint yo hips (yo hips). It's how you roll my weed and lick them lips and when I dip shorty you don't even trip (don't trip). give me a rubberband for my grip, you da flyest bitch steppin' out of my whip (my whip)I'm ya nigga, girl we like this here and what the hook says you got me like that there, i'm sprung. Can't eat, can't sleep, can't even think right, gotcha nigga up all night like street lights. Every minute, every second of the day I think about you, don't wanna live in this world not without you. Used to be the type to say that love shit I aint wit. Now I'm slow motion wit my motions like da matrix. Got a nigga sprung used to feel like I'd hate this. Thought that I was goin thru a phase and I could shake this. I'm sprung, dog she got me, got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you (2x) I aint never been a sucker for love Never even had a girlfriend till I start fuckin wit her I aint never even knocked her down And she hooked on ol boy tryna lock me down Wit one flick of the tongue I was sprung And we aint get done til 4-5 in da mornin She had me deep in a zone U can get a brand nu wardrobe but baby u aint goin home I aint the one that's all in touch with these emotions and shit. But I shoulda let her roll when she wanted to quit. Yeah my folk lemme in on the shit that you do, but I'm gon ask you like you gon tell me the truth. I got it bad like usher I'm off the block wit my dogs, hardly ever hear from 'em cause you screenin my calls. Yeah I still bend corners roll thru on the block, but I gotta hear dat shit every time I stop. Everything about ya girl, it drives me wild from your thighs to your eyes to the way you smile... I think about you more than I should, you classic, sexy, yea with a twist a hood. I'd love to put this tongue on ya fast like Twista would. From the front to the back I wanna make you feel good. Let me know baby what you want and how you want it hey...You know how them boys get down with they from DADE!! I'm sprung, dog she got me, got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you (2x) P.K...... the deeper I get, the sprunger I got. Had ya boy walkin round talkin bout tying the knot. From the first time I saw you had to holla at you. Now you got me stuck to you like a damn tattoo. Take da rap for ya man when I duck and I run, put it on me at the crib have me suckin my thumb. Oh you'n get sprung, homeboy I really doubt it. So I'mma let Trick tell ya how he feel about it. The new jag and all the Louis bags Chanel and Escotta straight from bell harbour I told my home boys I holla I got plans for a date, my girl wants steaks And she prefer being honest she can go from monday to sunday It don't even matter bout the money I'm stuck on her never shoulda let her suck on it Shoulda hit her up and send her home the next morning Yeah girl there's something bout you that turns me on. Think about you all night long till the early morn. Wish I had you by my side when I close my eyes, so I can rub on ya back and just massage ya thighs. Keep it comin no I won't stop until you squeal, there's no limit to the way Sagacious make you feel. Sometimes I wanna give but how can I live when I know that I can have you thinkin positive..i'm sprung Pitbull, T-Pain...girl it's a G thang, meanin we don't stop till we find a G-Spot...Picture us rollin' in a 7-tre low top, with a 4 fifty 4 Block step on the gas, like Bad polka step on they ass they try to stop what we got... C'mon man! You're like the blood in my veins, the air in my lungs, Bottom line Mami I'm Sprung! She got me doing what I won't do, now your spring and I told u don't agree wit me In the end you'll see that she got u doing what u wont do now you're sprung and I told u S-P-R-U-N-G now u see she got u, got u, got u, got u, she got u, got u, She got u, Well I'll come down and I'm sprung, how'd she get me got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you, I'm sprung, how'd she get me got me doing things i'd never do, if you ain't been i'm telling you You dooooo you doooooo Well I'll come down and im sprung
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