Tim McGrawBeautiful People

Paul's got a brand new haircut Must have been the girl's first date Baby blue front quarterpanel On his old dark green Chevrolet Probably never make the pages Of People Magazine, But you ought to see those sick kids' faces When he shows up on Christmas Eve Dressed like old St. Nick That missing tooth don't matter a bit There's a lot like him around In every town Chorus: They're just family friends and neighbors Doin what they've always done Loving fathers, loving daughters, Loving mothers, loving sons They gather 'round old glory 'round the tables and the steeples The beautiful people The beautiful people Debbie Jo down at the diner Sunny side up, burn the toast Raisin' up 2 kids solo Can't afford not fitness coach She was goin' to california The year her momma got sick So she hung around to do what she could Had the first one and that was it Then her mom passed on But she still goes by the old folks' home Just to to sit a while And bring a smile Repeat chorus A wrinkled old man wearing medals That he earned on Omaha Beach Sayin' goodbye to a grandson Who was killed outside Tikrit They gather 'round old glory Out behind the steeple The beautiful people The beautiful people The beautiful people Man, they're beautiful people
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