E-40Go Hard Or Go Home

(feat. The Federation) Introducing... E-40... The almighty... 707... Rick Rock... Federation...(Whoooooo) Go [x9] Hey hey. Go hard [x3] [E-40] Ooh... Verbal vomit... I keep one on it Not the scrill but you can call me ebonics Sideshows goin nutty dumbin out Take the wrong turn and get your roof stomped out Old school vans doors open, me and my coupe We some stoners we get high like Shaggy from Scooby Doo(Shaggy) I'm whiskeyed, I'm hit, I ain't go no patience pimpin' And I'm a couple tacos short of a combination Ooh... Get on your head like a shovel from the gravel Where them scams dope deals be goin sour Recon swivel roll metal flower want the fast quarter fuck a slow nigga 6 bucks an hour(6 bucks an hour?) From the rooter to the tooter He's the driver I'm the shooter Don't be fuckin with my gouda Orgasms, I-Pods, and trill phones, sidekicks and ringtones Go hard or go home(go home) [Hook x8] Go hard or go home Go hard...(or go home) [Goldie] Through the room to the moon I coon like high school My goons take no prisoners... What fool What's beef. (Beef is when E-40 is on a fat verse) Swingin through the drive-thru, smash the front Jackin' off. If you're from the Yay, that's what. Open up the doors, go(go)carmo carvo V6, Monkey on my back Psychos on my milk, won't let me go Down my throat, Yes (yes), 'cause ('cause), buzz (buzz) What (what), I (I), go (go), nuts (nuts) Slack folks like Droop-E too Put thumb on the back like Rick on the npc [Hook:] (like I did it... Originally) [Interlude X4] (unh)We jumpin on the top of your scrape hella deuce(unh) 3 or 4 niggas tryna cave in your roof [Stress] No purp, cuss like a sailor Hammer on my waist, Tim the Toolman Taylor Get rich, hate being poo' My bitch keep askin for juicy catour In the club, you know we strapped up(what else?) My white tee shirt look like coke wrapped up Forces and jeans, can't wear slacks Got good hair, no wave cap Smoke block, standin on the curb Same niggas with me I been knowin since the 3rd Tryna get it, sucks bein bummy Never should've give you niggas money [Doon] My bitch wanna see drop H's Grind more than Haitians or Jamaicans Ain't about money, then ain't got patience Don't bring money, then don't have relations Some like Hannibal, I'm a mammal Hang with monkeys like Mike and Emmanuel Change the channel, rearrange panels All savvy like the perm on cabby The bitch babby she don't bring patties She can't ride shotgun in the brown Caddy Put my nigga in, let him count paint Don't cut him off like J did Dane [Hook:] Sick Wit It
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