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Say So Lyrics

E-40 – Say So Lyrics

[Hook: Istevie]
I’mma give her more if she say so
We care their opinion, just say so
I’mma do what I want ‘cause I say so
Me and my homies, we some players
(I bet they love it) ‘Cause we say so
Bet they love it ‘cause we say so
Bet they love it, bet they love it
Bet they love it ‘cause we say so
Bet they love it ‘cause we say so
Bet they love it ‘cause we say so

[Verse 1]
I do what I want ‘cause I say so
I’m about my paper, ‘bout my pesos
I don’t wanna talk if it ain’t decimals
Independent, fuck the major labels
My diamonds got more colors than a rainbow
Put some paint where it ain’t like Maaco
Got a bad bitch in Pacheco
She say I got the sauce like Prego
I ain’t ever sober, I stay tipsy
I ain’t with sucka shit, you can miss me
It’s ugly where I’m from in my city
Like a Harriet Tubman 20, I’m crispy


[Verse 2]
I’m a corner boy from the corner
Hyenas, piranhas and block monsters
Keep my mouthpiece loaded just like a weapon
Give a hoe a 30-second checkin’
Send his ass to hell, not heaven
Vallejo, California where I’m reppin’
Real nigga, never been a wussie
I got a down bitch like Cookie
Rap now, we used to push dope
Chain hang like an anchor on a boat
Gorilla glue smoke ‘til I choke
We gon’ do it big if we broke


[Verse 3: Istevie]
I want it and I want it ‘cause I say so
Bankroll’s thick, ask my Jews, yeah, they say so
Goons act a fool if I say so
Catch the blues ‘cause I’m bruising your boo
And I know she love it
Dis call and disconnect
If you ain’t hollerin’ about no check
I could show you how to do the money flex
Bands online, I’mma check, yeah

[Hook 2X]

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