You are my angel, you are my dream
You are my savior, remind me I can do everything
You are my fortune, in every cookie that I read
You are my Eagle that flies... You deliver me

Mr. Delicious... You make love to me
You are my every minute, every day, by the hour you are my fantasy,
You are my inspiration, my heart, my trust, my integrity
You are my calm, my rage, my loving give and take
No one could ever take your place


I wanna be the woman that makes my man want to move mountains
Big enough to swallow the ocean, his spirit will cover the earth
He is my shield when the lightning bolt breaks, ten thousand roars his thunder makes
When I lay in his loving arms, I know this is the safest place

You are my heartbreak, you are my tears
Never again believe in self-doubt and lies, dear
We got to face all our fears
You are my walk away, you are my slow burn
You are my karmic lesson learned
Together we can grow old and endure.


You were my angel, you were my dream
You were my savior, I gave you everything
Yesterday you were the rest of my life
You were always here, and now I have to let go
And disappear...
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My Angel Lyrics

Pura Fé – My Angel Lyrics