First class cruise the hall
After school we hit the mall
Finding out what's up with rat
Always cool, sometimes stoned
Who am I, well I'm Damone
Sell my tickets, make some cash

I'm Mike Damone, master of the five point plan
You wanna score, well I'm the man
Move my tickets, make some bread
It's all about the five point spread
I ain't got it, it's not my fault

I'm Mr. Mike Damone

Get up late for school
Sunshine, air is cool
Sunshades, piano tie
Another day at Ridgemont High
So I slept with Rattner's chick
Knocked her up and vanished quick
Her friends call me a prick, I don't care
I'm Damone

I'm Mr. Mike Damone
Check out my laid back tone
Leave all your girls at home
Don't leave her alone
I'm Mr. Mike Damone
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Damone Lyrics

Puny Human – Damone Lyrics

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