Raise 'em so my leakin eyes can see them thru the
Haze of the fog machine and drunken stupor,
Too late for two legs, too long
And daddy's got a pocketful of five dollar bills so...
Raze The Leghorn Bar for me.

Stay so you can hear my line of crap I say
No way cause I'm the only one who isn't single,
To date I never said I was wrong
My stack is getting shorter as the night moves along

Raze The Leghorn Bar.

Well you come walkin in, I ain't lookin
And if you want a strapful ya gotta give me an earful
Raze the leghorn bar for me
I never met a face like that that I could trust too far
Tonight, hey...
I never seen no "modern" dancing at no X casino
And I got a half a mind that won't settle down
Raze the leghorn bar for me
My stack is getting shorter, now I can git gone

Raze the Leghorn bar for me.
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Raze The Leghorn Bar Lyrics

Puny Human – Raze The Leghorn Bar Lyrics

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