I want to tell you all something
It's about certain people
And their parade of lies, that shine

Brighter than the stars in the skies
If you peel back their disguise
You will see the serpents eyes
Forked tongues, blue blood
And whispered lies

On the silver screen
It's not all it seems
Vanity is golden opportunity
For the weak minds
Working overtime
On the lies, financed by the state

I didn't know, what should I be
The way this propaganda is setting up for me
It's all setup, right from the start
These walls went up, the gates came down and isolate my heart
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't see
The shadows of the past, keep catching up with me
I'm not anyone

I'm here, you're there
But where are we
Confined, to this
Straight jacket, society

So here I sit, it's all a dream
I can't imagine anything, my thoughts are so serene
It's like a drug, just helping me
Or just like wearing glasses when I really don't need to see
All of their lies, or their disguise
All the macho-insecuritized, trivialized, or franchised
All through the corporate pipelines,
Designed to take away my mind
We all die

In my eyes, criticized, hypnotized,
Never realized just what I had to do
Now I see, mythology, I really need to leave,
I really need to leave and get this out to you.

Straight jacket... Society

You will never see
The truth, the lies, the blood, the stars, the stripes
Taking new forms today
It's all a lie, patronized, demon eyes
Dopple gang control, the patrolled by the serpents eye.
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Serpents Eye Lyrics

Public Serpents – Serpents Eye Lyrics