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Seeing Double Lyrics

Public Serpents – Seeing Double Lyrics

There's a label always ready
For every voice and all you see
Is it fact or is it opinion
Or do you really even need
To tell me what you think is right
Longer stories even shorter sight

Your scope is pointed at an empty heart
I couldn't give a shit, I thought I told you from the start
I wont try to humor you and smile

When they say, "yeah we're ok"
I demand to hear a reason, please explain
Voices calling, sending signals through
An encrypted transmission, the serpents call ensues

Like a scarecrow in the field of life
Disinformation is their strength
It's how they run your life
Are you really gonna take it?

Even if you want to
It's hard to break out the chain
You need to get it through your brain boy
Never did you want to
Never go through the pain
It's easier to live like a...
Living in the rubble
I'm seeing double
Never getting out this trap alive
Living in the rubble
Still seeing double
Never gonna even try

It's an error in your judgement
To think we couldn't see
You're a social chameleon
A popular disease
Another rung on your ladder of deceit
It's time to kick that ladder out from under your feet

Cause I never had the chance
Nor the genes
All I ever fucking had
Was a wasted, faded dream
Stolen youth, an oasis of lies
And the hopes to be desensitized

Never had the same opportunities as the elite,
And never will, but it's ok
Cause I still got my mind, as long as I know what I stand for,
The rest doesn't matter, I still have my freedom of thought,
And my will to survive.

All I got to say
I don't give a fuck, no way
Never got the chance how the other side be
Never worried family
All I got to say
I don't give a fuck, no way
Never got the chance how the other side be
Never worried family

You'll never get the feeling that I got inside
When I watched that worthless fucker die
And all I had to do, was ignore the signs,
That they posted on the roadside
So when they said, why'd you do it man? I replied,
"you murder me everyday your tv screens and all your lies,
What makes me different from you is,
I did to survive, uncontrived".
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