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Today's The Dead Lyrics

Primrose Class – Today's The Dead Lyrics

[Intro: talking people everybody boys and girl and man]
[Verse One: Gravecreep]
Now is the deep [?]
Deep with the screams for the dark
I wanna kill you will before I die with the bloodstreams
I died I fill I grill I still
With the [?]
With the Primrose, a raised down with the deeper
Bridge verse hook for that spelling dyin'
Fucking is dyin' for you is the breath
I fill to soul about now child is death
Is the deathtrap, [?]
[Verse Two: Blackerz]
Now is the players watch is the bloody, [?]
It's the violence stop the blunty, [?]
Usa is deep with the dark
I don't understand
Sony is died
[Verse Three: Aqu]
Eat me, [?]
Non-stop with the blood flick, was the born
Now is the poem is today's the dead
Today's the dead, is not revenge (3X
Old is death falling is rhyme is his dead
[Verse Four: Dexter]
Now is death, terror is the alive
Now is [?]
Black is deeper is black wit the heart
Now is the flatline stress, with the heart
Blood spilling, now is track, [?]
[Verse Five: Dr. Dre]
Yeah, [?]
A blood for the spilled with the faces is my heart
With the [?]
Lyrics, see you my write, my actracks
It's a today's the dead
[Verse Six: Brook Gima]
With the Brook Gima, [?]
With the party attack with the hell [?]
[Verse Seven: Luke]
Death, folks is regular place
With the bloody mess, now is the hard
Now is the regular souls is the dyin'
Now with the [?]
Now it's a today's a dead
[Verse Eight: Karim Kaloga]
And dark thing revenge it's a today's the dead
With the bloody in the hands, [?]
Somethin' playin' make me [?]
Come on, it's a today's the dead
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