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Leave Graveyard Lyrics

Primrose Class – Leave Graveyard Lyrics

Leave.. Graveyard
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
Because to leave..(Graveyard!)
I'm heat is dead saw, coz I am did (Leave!)
I'm heat is dead saw, coz I am did (Leave!)
I'm heat is dead saw, coz I am did (Leave!)
Now is creeping are saved is Primrose
[Verse One:: Dr. Dre]
This Dr. Dre water day with the death
Freak the graveyard, and murder that's left
Breakdown cover like a Primrose horror
Now a gotta blackers and dead got honor (uh-huh!)
Be like a best, now and chest, strangler
Add rows black is the change with Earth mangler
Now, a sleeping of a nightmares of a dark side (yeah!)
And now but is time is graveyard infise
(Because to real)
For the blood, real stand
Brook Gima's into the rappers is evil band
I'm style is coming, now today's a killer
I telling with death's is terror it's the siller
The burial ground, night of terror is the freak
(Yo, what you about is the sword)
That's break
Undertake roof man striff is the life (hey!)
Know to got with me
(Now to the sights!)
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
Because to leave (Graveyard!) leave (Graveyard!)
They ghosts for hell like heaven to hell
[Verse Two: Karim Kaloga]
Mr. Chuckie and Dr. Drew
And now to confused like a crew
(???)for the trew
That's mangler for regular this sights alone they flick
And now to high for povie, flick is movie is feel click
Be fine to the have with the life
Now do alive
It's Karim Kaloga streets in drive
Get for deep crypt sights conglaturation is the nights
Primrose is want for hate lights
It's good writing for freak to the lyrics, murderous cyrics
Catastrophes tyrics wyrics
Creeper like shit up bit up
Now to and under the hood is like a hear
That is Mathematics, is the Ripping Fear
Like a Bath of Dead, Do, is the Primrose
And the slaves in my flowers is the rose
It's the Mom and Dad is smile
It's the mask, yo
Dead streets, blunt yo, no cupid
Leave Graveyard rupid, all for the heart stupid
[Verse Three: Luke]
Fino for...
Fino for...
Fino for...
The rushed full bloody red my hands
Jesues Christ, or devil's streets, is devil's for the hell of land
The perfect's my evil man and girl and boys for frank
For the sleep of darkness, of horror is the prank
All I'm afraid this get than for shots
And now to shame is death of rap bots
The Halloween is turnin' of the slayers
No kung fu, It's the monsters is players
It's the scares is masters of red
And now is poetic's is want day to scared
Flatline's shit you gotta earth is all cover
Violence to the horror is kid of pullin' over
For the tomb, was time to get was the womb
Is the boom, let's to exicited with the bomb
2: 17 for the leaf now to the leave
To the leave
And now to the boom with the deave
Leave... Graveyard
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