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Ballin (feat. Mr. Real) Lyrics

Prime Minister – Ballin (feat. Mr. Real) Lyrics

[Prime Minister]
I'm bout to step up to the plate and take my swing [the Brother Go Ahead]
Time to blow your mind, my time to shine that's what Jerome said
Prophicise to me, it's time we tear down these walls
As we committ to plant a seed and believe they will fall
We be lawless is what I mean, better check up back to chapter one
As it describes my type of vibe this time a new works begun
No longer trapped, relaxed matter of a fact who dare to shoot the gift
Fool you don flipped if you sit back thinkin your tradition is a gift
Take a wiff, open wide better recognize you don't want me to call up my boys
Houston, Alabama, New York, Cali, Illinois
Atl up in this, New Orleans in the house
We bout to walk up in your temple, we's gon cleanse it out
Make ya shout like revalations, tell a brother how you gon drink
You gonna try to cup it wit your hands or put your mouth to the sink
Better think what should be tossin, the name of the same we flossin
Savin these souls that God has called cause a brother gon still ball

[Chorus 2X: Prime Minister]
Cause we all ball that mean we all call
Lay your hands to deliever up on all yall
So homie pay attention cause you know where we from
We some born again believers and you can get you some

[Mr. Real]
When I think about the things I used to, in the world as a little brother comin up
I was livin that life as a thug, in the hood five fingers throwin up
But now I'm throwin up Christ cause he saved me set me free and put me in the game
All I had to do was trust in him fall on me knees and call his name
And when I did He gave me bat to go play ball
To reach and teach His people in the world how to live so they won't fall
Stand tall in this game of life, don't let nobody come along and side track
The enemy comes to kill steal and destroy so you gotta disern that and stay straped
Equipt yourself wit your word and let it be your smith and wesson
Gotta be prepared to go to war on point any time that devil's steppin, no weapon
The formin of his church is never gonna come to pass
As along as we ball as a team and no weapon in the land gon last
Better fast and pray to God that He take away self pride back fightin and jealousy
On the same team let the Spirit ride, He died to set us free and share His riches wit all
I don't know about you but until I die I'ma be blessed cuz I was called to ball


[Prime Minister]
I'm servin you six six spliffs to shoot the gift now what you gon do
Blast better think about it fast cause I don passed and now it's on you
True, like we said we all ball, that mean we all call
Got this brotha layin hands on these gangsta man and He's about to deliever em all
So the rhythem will fall so you can listen to em all who know where we from
Wit Z O E big B a G and we leavin you some
Of the drums when they come I precive we the gift
Cause see Prime gots the meal and ticket you can still get it
So we drink of this cup let it be remeberence of His blood
Brake the bread for His body remember this grub for His love
That He shed for us [Right Right] care for us [Right Right]
Enabled me to see His Z O E and praise Him [Right Right]
So how you gonna tell me how to be you ain't my maker
Just a man a pharasis He's using me and I don't hate ya
Gon relax I'ma do my thing yall til the sky bust wide and the angels fall
I'ma serve my gift I'ma claim my riches and a brother gon still ball

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