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All Riders Lyrics

Prime Minister – All Riders Lyrics

[Chorus: repeat 9X]
All riders

[Prime Minister]
Someone put the key in the egnition start me up
Theres bout to be a lynchin on the Devil posse up
We's bout to call my crew all my dudes wit the dots
Suite up into your mind cause we gon hit it hard
We all comin straight up out of the life of luxory
Some riders on the ball and we gettin on them knees
A flag we see, my set is what we claim
We step up in the front cause we bout to throw them thangs
About to lay them hands on the sick and the inflicted
The lame and appressed the bound and addicted
The wicked and we kick it for the men and the sin
We comin wit some hooks cause we gon reel them in [All Riders]
So homie if its you then regonize
Grape Tree is comin up and we some brothers on the rise
And homie when we ride don't thinkin we be soft
We boot up in your grill we's bout to break em off [All Riders]

[Chorus: repeat 15X]
All riders

[Prime Minister]
Come on let's gather in the name of the Lord
Meet in the upper room just to be on one a cord
Cause I know the Lord, is strickly lookin at the hearts
A million to be saved not a million in a march [All Riders]
God has got some plans for you man
Gotta understand the plan if you can lift them hands
To prosper you then cleanse your sins in His sight
No need for chasin money fame girls or that ice [All Riders]
See at first the Kingdom is at hand
The riches of the Earth will be added to you then
And then you'll be sold out [No] Big Timah
That's the kind of hog that my dawg calls riders [All Riders]
That's why we ball cause we talk bout our maker
He made us 808ers, cross faders, rhyme sayers
He made us track layers, platnium bound can you see
We're ridin to the fullest cause the Greater One's in me [All Riders]

[Chorus: repeat 17X]
All riders

[Prime Minister]
Can't you see Him only by His grace [So Can I]
Just to see you in this place and, callin God
And if you knew it was time for you to hiede the call
God is lookin for some real men, believe it yall
We need to come and claim our rightfull place
To the throne, clear out your dome and get them evil spirits out your home
And now it's on so suit up in your trust and love
God above don't want these broads just hustlin us
We need some real love bros gon ride for
Holy Ghost gon fill bros that gon die for
All the souls who were chose for this holy theme
Just like the King, man Prime had the same dream
That we go all out, so we know all about
The real riders and survivior not the fall outs
God is lookin for some men the real men
Who ain't about to quit the game, who you ridin?

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