Say hello to the new boy, eveready supernatural spawn
Of class and glamour, oh the look in his eyes
Don't he slay them with chic?

Now your whole world is in a frenzy
He comes in waves and you just turn to dust
He holds a one way ticket, it's the stars or bust

And when I'm flyin', you'll be cryin'
Soul Stripper

Just give up, I'll only tease you
What makes you think I'd even look your way?
You're just a little dot and I'm a star, baby

So now you ask your little girlfriends
Why do they hang around a bitch like me?

'Cause you're too much of a pussy to come out and see
Come out and play honey, any time

And when I'm flyin', you'll be cryin'
Soul Stripper
Will it kill you pretty baby? Abso-fuckin-lutely, yeah
Soul Stripper

So non-believers be gone,
The signs are true I've been chosen
Now the beast of the ball, is the queen of the brawl
The pied piper to tell...

There's feathers falling from the ceiling
So many you have to crawl
I said it's certain death
Using your last breath to say,
"I'm glad it was you, baby."
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Soul Stripper Lyrics

Primadonna – Soul Stripper Lyrics