Baby, baby
Do you wanna go this road again
Do you want a love that ain't pretend
Or do you wanna fake it

Baby, baby
I can see your heart right through your eyes
There is a feeling that you can't disguise and
I just can't shake it
I don't wanna come down

Listen baby
There's so many things that I can't discuss
I just never loved nobody enough

And you'll just have to face it

And baby, baby
I don't see the fun in livin' a lie
So if it ain't there, then don't even try
Just keep on walkin'
Keep on walkin' honey

And that thing we had won't ever feel the same
And just hearin' you speak is makin' me weak

I'll break your heart again
And then break that heart again
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Doll Face Baby Lyrics

Primadonna – Doll Face Baby Lyrics