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What's Real Lyrics

Preme – What's Real Lyrics

First off I'mma tell you
I was never the average nigga
I made crazy investments, I'm tryna stack these figures
Trying to stay on the right track ain't trying to clap a nigga
Instead I'll be an inspiration, so just snap a picture
Punchlines like Ali and I'm an image of him
My nigga monkeys couldn't hang with these limbs
If I was bangin with a gang, it'd be bunch of leaders and speakers
We'd be the reapers of these followers and tweeters
Your underneath my addidas
To the streets I'm a preacher
Me and my team cutting up, call us the team of the cleavers
My homie Told me "go harder"
Yea I said "I got 'em, even if they clique comes deeper than Bikini Bottom"
One by one dalmatian these fakes, nigga watch me spot 'em
Subliminal shots come forward, and I watch you dodge 'em
How explicit, terrific
They assume that I'll amount out to nothing in presence, but yet I'm gifted
Lets get specific
Life situations, any opposing force flex at me, I'm bound to rip it
I never get bent outta shape, cuz I'm elastic
Better than average
Unorthodox I'm the Maverick
This is tragic, they think that I'm studying black magic
I let 'em have it, the wrath of a beast I'm a savage
Complex as mathematics
Alot going on up stairs, don't be scared, come prepared For this addict
You'll disappear like Nair
You couldn't stare into my eyes an catch a glare
I'll take appearances and snatch it
See I am able, I'll Hit you With the cane
And beat the Hell out of 'em, till you got Heaven on your brain
My mind's a weapon for you lames
And I've been ready for the games
My life's a visual piece, so picture me just stepping through these frames
I'm a deranged, untamed name man Im inhumane
I proclaim to reign over lames lanes cuz I spit flames
I see your whips, I see your slave chains
My lines won't probably make sense to you cuz you scared to make change
As I sit down with this pen, I look towards the ceiling
Thinking about making millions gives me this horrible feeling
Like, do I really have a good opportunity
Will people support if I cared less for my community
I stand alone, I don't care for the unity
Never will I compromise and conform to it foolishly
Niggas can't hang man, cuz I'm a man of my word
Call me a pro now, cuz I mastered my verbs
With an urge to surpass levels while becoming superb
Heard they calling me wack now, well nigga fuck what you heard!
I told me to aim for greatness, real niggas on my playlist
Nothing to play with, hungry enough to leave you plate-less
I feel like I can fly but in reality I'm cape-less
I state this cuz that's what we going through on a regular basis
The racist, people that's judging us by our faces
Black man as a whole, they calling us basic!
Told a couple people I cared for "I would Make it"
But no walk in the beach ,unsureness, I can't shake it
As I sit idle, I watch my mom struggling
Cold world out here, So we try huddling
Cuz we in a bond and financially ain't no covering
And no virgin exists, we all fucked by the government
So keep playing the victim role, and you'll just be suckers just suffering
I don't need a card just give me credit cuz I discovered it
Got bars for convicts, there's justice in my sentences
My image shows I'm live and well , I call it photosynthesis
Nothing will ever be the same after me so just reminisce
Got a picture perfect life to you but really it's blemishes
I'll never reach my peak, keep reaching for the tip-top
Fake niggas always face defeat cuz they flip-flop
So anxious for my time, Yea I can hear the tic-tock
Get rid of all these feminine rappers making their hips rock
And if a nigga fast reacting, I might clap ya
Hit up his scene and see what's happening like a white actor
And you can call me a barbarian nigga
Wanna know why? cuz all my fuckin' bars burying niggas!!!
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