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Pour Out A Lil Liqour Lyrics

Preme – Pour Out A Lil Liqour Lyrics

Pour out a little liquor x4

Verse 1(Preme)
I say I'm white henney sipping
While I roll up watching robot chicken
Boy get on your jo, clocks ticking
Acrobat how my money flipping
Fuck niggas gotta stay away from fuck niggas
That's why I don't ever really trust a nigga
Chi pow click clack bang bang
Fuck a body shot hit him in the brain
Eye for an eye, that's what they telling me
The streets is a mutha fucka somebody pray for me
These hoes ain't loyal but these niggas ain't either
Turned his back in the courtroom but his finger on the trigger
Pussy ima real one I confess, my brothers keeper and its tatted on my chest
So, if one of my niggas go, ima hit the liquor store take a sip

Pour Out A Little Liquor x4

Verse 2(Dolo)
I sip the liquor for the pain, cuz that's all I know
Hardest thing I ever did was see my momma go
I say a prayer before I go cuz I could die today
I'm never chilling with the phonies I don't fucking play
I keep my head up on a swivel cuz these niggas plot
One slip, has yo ass bleeding on the fucking block
Ita hard to make it if you kick it with the wrong crew
Niggas hate, try to take your place cuz they ain't true
Everything I do I fucking do it big
Rolling blunts and making music bitch that's how I live
See me when you see me at the top cuz I'm headed there
Niggas try to stab me in the back but I'm well aware
Boss shit, put me on a beat and yo I'm on that
Trynna get it popping in this bitch, where the hoes at
I'm just trynna play the game how it go
Get a bottle let that mutha fucka flow
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