Wind howls at me, i shun this beast
Waves crash on shores, i invite this feast
As blood seeps through my hollow eyes
A poetic night, our souls did die
Water invades her lungs,
What thought doth this compel?
Darkness, a cherished dream,
Seizes living cells
Love can't suffice for death,
Love can't forbid our tears
Sharing on pulse won't help for it
Hastens fears

Compensate for her endearing breaths
Far too late save her from the clefts
Fluctuate to thoughts of following
Terse debate of hell soon swallowing

Sickenend by morbid confessions of
Voices of those who've drowned at sea

The sun has been lost, this time it won't be found
Daughters of pious men,
Your harvest doth now abound
Bend to your calloused knees and recite
A hearty prayer
Speaking your structured words,
I see your faith's not there

Heavens expose my pale dead ghost
Lighting illuminates my bride on the coast
Thunder whispers madness into my ears
Hell penetrates the sadness i fear
Weep for my dying bride
Escape from the wounds i hide

I tumble into darkness, enrapture me
No more mercy, just let me sink
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Violent Waves Lyrics

Prayer For Cleansing – Violent Waves Lyrics