A notion of divine right
One life the pinnacle of all
A vision of perfection
By way of noble bloodlined birth
Whispers of self-justification
Provide constant assurance of authority
Continuance with burnt offering
Sacrifice to the altar of bloodlust - culture
The essence of innocence flawed by corruption
An angel in thine own eyes
A devil in thine own right
A bloodfed atrocity hailed as the paradigm of civility

Which is the savage beast?
Is it instinct? Death as a necessity of survival?
Rather a simple act of domination
Murderous pride in development as
Beauty dies

Tears soak the tainted soil
Cried to germinate a hope for the growth
Of compassion
Violence becoming a slave for the effects of... Violence
How does it end?
Does our lofty vision fade into the earth?

A fall from grace,
For our seeming seraphic stature?
Or do we rebuild?
A new foundation for the future

Our choice fast approaches
Acceleration to a possible apocalyptic end
With hope of emergence of humanistic
Inner beauty
I prepare for the assured destiny of culture
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Destiny Of Culture Lyrics

Prayer For Cleansing – Destiny Of Culture Lyrics