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Fuck Yuh Moms Lyrics

Pouya – Fuck Yuh Moms Lyrics

[Intro: Pouya]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, YUH!

[Verse 1: Pouya]
Pull up with the pump in the trunk
I ain't poppin' baby, I just wanna stunt
No I'm not a dubba, Momma never raised a punk
I will not fuck that bitch, smell like a skunk
Hope yo' ho' don't pass me no blunt
Hope yo' ho' know what I been doin'
With previous bitches that wanna get fucked
Throw out the trap strap, pull up the truck

[Verse 2: Bodega Bamz]
I be everywhere a dollar be
As you wanna be, chained up like a collar spring yelling Frozen
Tell me what the fuck you smokin'
Tell me what the fuck you did to get here
Nothing walkin'
I'm drinking Henny with something slow
Eating pizza, play dominos [?]
I'm a mix of Geronimo and Shaka Zulu
I'm eating everything I kill, so where's the food?
Bitch nigga!

[Verse 3: Germ]
I be cruisin'
Bruisin' all these women
Fuck a feeling, heart cold-blooded
Know it's time to go, blow a load
You know how it go
Take no shit from no ho'
BangBros better ask 'bout her throat
Young nigga!
Fuckboys in a fist-fight [?]
[?] if a nigga don't act right
Crumb niggas get played
When I don't get payed
Raise hell

[Outro: Tanboy Luka (x2)]
Tanboys, Buffet Boys
Tell me, what you know about these niggas?
Groupie love, droppin' to they knees, nigga
3-0-5, 2-1-2
We them niggas
We them niggas
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