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241 Lyrics

Pouya – 241 Lyrics

[Hook/Verse1: Pouya]
Pussy boy with his back to the front
Bruce Lee me a bitch, imma punt me a cunt
I'm a ho to the world man
Fuck every one of you
I cannot lose, grab my money and stunt on you
I'm at the beach, beating my meat
In front of your wife, she calling police
There's a perv on the loose, Germ off the goose
Shotgun cock back and blow off your caboose
And now you gotta stand when you shit
Cause your butt cheeks don't feel right on the toilet
You want my dick so much
Imma put it through the zipper hole you might as well hold it
Hold up one second I think you need therapy
Maybe a reverend try a psychotherapist
Or maybe that's all for me, everything
Nothing is wrong with me

[Verse 2: Germ]
I'm real hot, moving slow
Off a couple of Xanax
Call my partners up and we load the guns
And then shot the government annex up
Cause they don't love us
So it's fuck the cops, til they pick up
My papi, what's the plot
Take over the blunt no matter the cost
Bitch I'm a mack
My heart is black
Bitch by my side she got that mac
It match my blackjack
Three cans in my backpack
Lay your ass on wax
When I'm drowning in the sustenance
Boy I love it
No discussions
Your discusses ain't got no substance

[Verse 3: Mikey The Magician]
If you touch my bitch, imma fuck you up
Super thick in the whip she don't buckle up
Imma shut you up, I ain't bust a nut
You better hurry up, you ain't working up
Hands free blue tooth, talking to my other ho
I met her in Atlanta, Georgia, I ain't using rubber though
She was acting too sweet so she sucked me up in Peachtree
Presidential pussy, Happy Birthday Mr. Kennedy
I ain't Aaron Rodgers, but I keep my pack right
Watch me take your corner grab the toolie make you act right
I ain't flipping gpex, now I'm flipping beat packs
Made a couple thousand off the dope I flipped a week back
And I keep my seat back
Just in case these players wanna fire back
I no rather burn a rat bitch
I be Bobby Flay
I'll whip a quesadilla that'll make her crack an ándale

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