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Say Hello Lyrics

Pouya – Say Hello Lyrics

[Intro: Scarface Movie]
You wanna fuck with me? Okay
¡Abrir la puerta honcha!
You wanna play games? Okay
Okay. You wanna play with us? Okay

[Verse 1: Pouya]
Dashing, ducking police
They wanted me stuck but they couldn't find me
I hid in the trench deep inside Miami
3-0-5, where you can find me
All of my bitches, they wearing designer
Sucking my dick, but not eating vagina
My ho, she was made in China
Dump you in the river, ain't nobody gonna find ya
Ugly frank, grab the shank
Homie was bucking and doing wheelies in the tank
Man, packing them weapons ready for war, not afraid
We brave, and don't really care what ya think
Don't sleep on me ho
Phase two in this thang, bang, swang
If all I meant now rose drove(?)
To the back, make a tact to the fours, floors
Go sick and I'm blasting the ho with my cum
Come see me what I do when i run this rap game
Money and love is everything, fuck fame
Bitch look at my eyes and suck on my dick
Ho busting it cus' it is like a custom
I'm fucking yo sister, yo mom and yo cousin
The family tree, bitch, you wish you could get it like me
You really ain't fucking with me
I know you ain't talking to me with that tone
I wish all these hoes would just leave me alone
I'll put you on blast on Instagram, and you don't want that
I completely understand, but I don't give a fuck cus I'm the motherfucking man
Bitch hold my shit, blow my dick, and don't say shit
Make sure you don't say shit, ho

[Verse 2: Pouya]
The Pou comin' through with the mufuckin' heat
And I bet that I make yo ho drop to her feet
Sippin' rum, sippin' that Hennessy
Pour it up for all my enemies
Free'd up my energy
Fuckin' this shit up
I'ma ride that pussy with my stick up
Bitches they call, never pick up
They stuck on my dick like a sticker

[Outro: Pouya]
Pop that pussy for a pimp
Bitches on my fucking dick[x2]
So pop that pussy for a pimp
These Bitches on my fucking dick
I'm chilling with my fucking clique[x2]
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