We've only met in a thousand of nightmares
But you'll be with me tonight
And you know me so well, baby, now would you
Pull the stake from my heart
I know you don't feel the way you used to be
Your thoughts but dark prayers for evil to breed in thee

Across your arm your arm goes a small road to somewhere
Where you and I can be one
Now heed my call and step out of that mansuit
For I'll never be gone

It was to late from the first day of your life
And you and I we're like flesh and knife

Demonic laughter comes echoing madly
Under a fullmoon so bright
And all that's beautiful, all angels cry
As you disappear in the night
And you'll forget everything you have ever known
Can't wait to show you the sights that I have to show
Together we'll suffer!
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A Thousand Nightmares Lyrics

Portrait – A Thousand Nightmares Lyrics