Those morbid characters in my dreams are crumbling
About their visions again
Intimidating beings whispering words
About the day that is to come

The day of gloom so very dark
This horrifying day of all fears
When the dead shall rise and silence will reign
The coming of the Devil's domain

The sun will die and shine no more
A ghastly silence and the dead shall walk the earth

A day will come when the sun won't shine
Eternal silence and the dead shall walk the earth

They say the skies will divide
And the forest will be turning grey
As the dead will rise
And walk the earth the once owned
I fear that day when I wake up
And I don't know what's drawing close
But it's closer than ever before
The coming of a new world to rise
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A Ghastly Silence Lyrics

Portrait – A Ghastly Silence Lyrics