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Cathouse Lyrics

Pissed Jeans – Cathouse Lyrics

I got an invitation, the sorta thing i wanna try
Give it a shot before i die
Thought i could learn to love felines
Maybe take on home sometime
And now i'm itching while i sweat
Walk in - sit down
Wet eyes - dry mouth
Can't sleep - red snout
Loose fur - cat house
Can't take it - internal systems
Haywire - malfunction
I'm done - and choking
Daylight - i'm hoping
Everybody else is having a good time
Cheering and laughing through the night
I'm itching, and shivering. and praying for forgiveness
Because it feels like my body committed a crime
Yeah thought i came here to visit
Thought it would be worth my while
So tell me where's my smile?
I tired to fight it
I thought maybe things would change
But every cathouse is the same

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