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Loubs Lyrics

Pissed Jeans – Loubs Lyrics

Well i'm always walking around
With my eyes aimed at the ground
I swear it's like my chin could hit my chest
And if you see me pass you by
I wouldn't hold it against you
If you went and diagnosed me as depressed
But really that's not it at all, i'm happy as a clam
I can't tell you the last time i felt stressed
I'm just making my way
Looking around while you think i've got the blues
But really all i'm trying to do it
Take a hard look at your shoes
Are they loubs
Are they loubs?
Yeah one day if i do things smart
Work extra late and extra hard
I should be able to throw something in the bank
And once i finally made it, i'll call you on the phone
And make plans to go shopping, whaddaya thank?
But there's no way we can end the day
Before the thrill is gone
I'm taking you out for some OTKs
And i will help you put them on
Yeah those loubs
Yeah clothes are nice, and jewelry
We'll have to do things right
Whatever you want, you won't hear me say no
'til i'm seein' red
'til i'm seein' red under your heels, i'm seein' red

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