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Shirt Off Lyrics

Pill – Shirt Off Lyrics

Bitch I got my shirt off, got my shirt off
so gonna take my skirt off, take your skirt off,
bitch I got my shirt off, got my shirt off,
so gonna take my skirt off, take your skirt off
Bitch I got my shirt off, so gonna take your skirt off
Bitch I got my shirt off, so gonna take your skirt off

Bitch I didnt take my shirt off so you need to take your skirt off
when I pull it I didnt jerk off, on your face is what I squirt off,
and she not with it thats her loss,
and girl got bitches than her loss
Ive been there drop in her loss,
got the dead I get that work off,
play then thats couple of thing I gotta tell thee hoes,
gotta seat in my tweet, gotta seat in my text email these hoes
and I got a CC, key key, teleport all to a P street
and I only got an album to the pitchin the sower were coming to
me me Ill be lone dick and your bitch
Ill put dick all in her back,
your ..grown in this bitch, and they know when they blowin their rex
okay I got a bitch so bad with an ass so fat
make you wanna slap your..
that is not your girl but I just gotta take your.. that she want me
P I double L I double, deepin double hoes,
got the double me twins, double lickin the low below
while Im blessing that speaker boss em takin off their clothes,
and her bitch say she was hungry, so I took that hoe to moes.


Got my shirt off like Im swimming cause Im up and all these women
tell that hoe to be quiet and till the motherfucking finish
and after we get done then I take that bitch to business
then droll her in her mouth, like the motherfucking..
get rock on your motherfucking add gonna gonna get let
shit tight me followin them bitch gonna hold your breath
got the bitch and pop and learnin then ..the funniest,
got a bad one and ..then always ask when Im con
if money keep coming then Im keep chasing,
keep that p**sy in the door she like damn he chains
make the pussy up they like what is he facing
now she rolling on the dick Im like damn she skatin
see I knew from his drop what you came out of skirt it would not go down
so dont call my phone cause right now Im knocking dont hold down
I turned up but she turned down,
kush blunted then blunt out, Im a nigga you didnt learned out
got my teeth I sweet her..

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