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One Of These Days Lyrics

Pill – One Of These Days Lyrics

She say she love and I say she don't
'Cause I ain't got a Maserati in my paper won't
Put it in the... All the ladies...
No first class flights baby we're taking coach
Would you clear up your mind and vision the same dream with me
If I was dying would you... With me
It seems pretty with my eyes closed
And I'm in a different city doing five shows
The time goes... Let the day start
I ain't got much but I guarantee I pray hard
And something you don't come through when you'll be most than alive
Notice but down... You know I'm hurt in the crowd.

I say one of these days
I'ma be paid enough
Gonna get my... Above this ground
I ain't coming back down for you
'Cause that is something that I won't do.

The conversation is getting lighted 'cause the paper getting...
She continue that she busy but you know...
But she I know what's going on but I ain't trippin though
I'm just tryin figure
Back to the... Your message is causing...
Get em... And I... I'ma move this... Slow
Think about this... Though
Prayin for the future the but right now we're visible
My number one fam when I had in...
Always left...
She was my number one fam when I had in the...
Always left...


If I lie you... The dirt in my eyes
But I gotta keep it real though you give me something like a real foe
And I aint' feel like this...
So baby is... To the races and I'm hoping this paper
And when I make it I don't wanna hear a sound
And I ain't forgot you... To get you
I hope you get the picture ensure in the inbox
Is me smiling... Rocks, drippin around...
My tear drops, so you could be with me chillin
While I'm feeling on you
Since you... Your me I'm sheen on you...

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