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Numbers Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Numbers Lyrics

[Hook: Skeme]
I get to that lucci then cash out
I hop in that foreign then smash out
We sip on that Act' till we pass out
Hit a bitch from the back till she pass out
I get to that guap and I cash out
Pussy nigga keep playin', get maxed out
Drink on the Act' till we pass out
Money talk, I bring the racks out
Lil nigga we doin' numbers
Lil nigga we doin' numbers
Lil nigga we doin' numbers
Lil nigga we doin' numbers
I'ma go ice out the watch and then buy me a drop just to shine for the summer
Lil nigga we doin' numbers
Lil nigga we doin' numbers

[Verse 1: Philthy Rich]
I'm thinkin' bout coppin' the Maybach
No I'm not taking the Wraith back
No I'm not taking i8 back
That nigga went broke, where his cake at?
My Datejust Rollie is bust down
My Day-Date Rollie is bust down
My Yacht-Master 2 is bust down
And my Skydweller is bust down
Don't forget about the AP
I broke that lil bitch for the 8 g's
And then I took that hoe to MickeyD's
You gave that lil hoe all them hickeys, please
VS1's and it's rose gold
Ice on me like snowstorm
Let the nigga know his hope gone
Nigga wanna keep the hope close (Phil)

[Hook: Skeme]

[Verse 2: Skeme]
I know niggas hate but I'm hardly trippin'
I just got a check now my fingers itchin'
Saint Laurents on my feet every time I kick it
And I don't lace 'em up till I'm chasin' digits
Brazy chef in the kitchen just choppin' chickens
I'ma fiend for that green, I just gotta get it
Walka with me, I just keep it drippin'
Philthy tell these bitches, don't play with pimpin'
Oh you know what is, my nigga
Before I go broke I go big
Might keep me a bird in the crib
Talkin' too much get you slid
Pussy play round with the kid and get smoked like ya Big
Rolex diamonds on me, shinin' like Stunna
Balmains on me, pockets full of new hundreds
They just ain't gettin' up to get that runner
I might be the trillest ever on a Honda

[Hook: Skeme]

[Verse 3: Sauce Walka]
My nigga we doin' calculus
My nigga we doin' algebra
Ain't no off dates on the calendar
Bitches on schedule, Sunday is a caliper
Flippin' bitches like acrobatics
Just to fill the bags with the mathematics
Lost my youngin' it was so tragic
Had to slide for him just like Aladdin
I almost gave up on this rap shit
Boy I been paid off a bitch
Niggas tryna sell a dummy brick
I made 200 off of sellin' tits
I feel like Heff lil nigga
Runnin' outta gas lil nigga
I done seen the ghetto take out the best of niggas
You gotta be careful nigga

[Hook: Skeme]
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