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Lambo Truck Lyrics

Philthy Rich – Lambo Truck Lyrics

Funk or Die
Call my nigga on the beat, 'cause my nigga's got that heat (Yo, Chrisonthabeat)

Look, two-fifty on the Lam' truck
Tell 'em broke niggas get they bands up
My young nigga stuck his mans up
You can see it on my hip when I stand up, look
This shit come with pain, envy, and jealousy
I never listened to what the older niggas tellin' me
No, that bitch ain't mine until I check her fee
That nigga tough online until he R.I.P., look
Ayy, my car and my bitch ain't got no miles
Yeah, I bought that bitch shit and got her profile
Hit that ho from the back, that ho so loud
Killzone mixed with Runtz, I don't smoke mild (Look)
Fucked my young bitch and made her cherry pop
My nigga dropped a four of Tech up in a cherry pop
You can catch me outside on Seminary block
All handshakes and hugs, he a scary opp, look
And what you won't do, the next bitch will
She been sniffin' all this product out a big bill
All these bad bitches sayin' I'm a big deal
I used to be a lil' nigga, now I'm Big Phil, look
Sorry for the Wraith, S 63
You can't keep up in this race, best no compete
Bentley truck on twenty-sixes, nigga, look at me
All white new Urus with the leather seats
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