People can't ya see, you know I wish I'd done her better
And I know she'd still call me if her mother'd only let her
I wish that she'd discover my heart the way I sent it
When I told her that I loved her, I genuinely meant it.

She swears she'll never leave me and she doesn't care about the past
She screams, ' Hold on sweetie! Nice guys always finish last! '
I try to be a gentleman, I try not to be the aggressor
But when baby's right in front of me, begging me to undress her...
She smokes grass, I don't mind, she's a sucker for a sonnet,
I stay drunk most of the time but I swear I'm workin' on it!

You've got ahold of my hair, girl, give me that stare
Ain't no need to explain it with your lips
You've got your arms around my neck
You've got the wall against your back
You've got your legs locked around my hips
Come on, gimme a kiss, destroy all this bliss
We're as young as we're ever gonna get
Then Oh! Oh! Oh! Go, go, go, climax! Have a pillow, girl, relax
Let me light your little cigarette.

Hey, hey, I can see when you're ready to leave
I'm a little drunk baby but I ain't dumb
And I can tell just as easily when you're aiming to please me
Bring me whiskey when you want me to come!
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Hard-On Lyrics

People's Blues Of Richmond – Hard-On Lyrics