Free Will is a dream
Fate is tattooed on our backs
We've never even made a choice
All we've ever had is sweet Determinism.

Sometimes you may feel surprised,
Sometime you might even start to feel free
But it's just all the effects and causes adding up
To everything that had to be.

No bra on her tits
Her tongue tucked in her cheek
And a short black skirt with nothing underneath
But sweet Feminism.

Sometimes she may seem intimidating
Sometimes you might even start to feel uneasy
But it's just your conventions and norms, your societal scorns
Towards her natural born identity. (You're no help at all, let her be! )

I'm glad to be unhappy again
Discontentment is relief
I have a confession, I loved my depression and I missed my misery
All that sweet Pessimism.

Sometimes you may feel alright
Sometimes you might even start to think positively
But the clouds and rain are coming back 'round again
All your mountain peaks are surrounded by valleys.
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Free Will Lyrics

People's Blues Of Richmond – Free Will Lyrics