(Verse 1)
I hit a wall again, thinking not again, the graffiti on it read, I -
Don't - know, that answered why I never saw ahead, so with a knotted
Head, well, it was time to roll, the sky is autumn red, heading where
Fiefel goes, I find where my problems went on these type of strolls,
Here I fight the blows and try to find some growth, I thought em dead
But they were idle woes, pops see's the world through his
Kaleidoscope, I don't even think he can see the pipe he smokes, I gave
Up on him a long time ago, to let him glide on hope, now I found he
Hit different kinda low, got his daughter to try his dope, I held her
Crying soul, and if he has one, well his is it's dying slow, she's the
Last angel that would guide him so, when his lighter dulls I hope he
Finds a better light that glows

I didn't wanna write this nor did I wanna live the situation, I don't
Even like this song I'm too disappointed in the inspiration

(Verse 2)
Promised skies, are disguised, polished lies when there's nowhere to
Go, the bottom line, That's where honest lies, waiting for us at our
Lowest of low, my pulse is slow conversing with the vulture and crow,
World on my back and my shoulders are cold, I bury burdens in the same
Ground I go for the gold, so as I dig deep both get exposed, How do I
Tell the man that showed me the ropes, that either he's let go or they
Broke, and he's fallen and made a home of a hole, that's too dark to
See so he don't notice it tho, What do I tell my sister I showed all
The ropes, when she says she loves dad but she's over it so, to hold
Her rope she's letting go of her hope, pop's either sober or ghost

I didn't wanna write this, nor did I want to live the situation,
I don't even like this song... I'm too disappointed in the inspiration
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Woe Lyrics

Pat Maine – Woe Lyrics