I remember when they fell in love, What was felt spelled freedom when
They touched, Every word chirped every sentence buzzed, All emotion
And they didn't what a sensor was, Their creation was meant for us,
Like passions ink seeped into the scent of lust, and drew music in the
Air that all our senses trust, That's deep right? Well these are the
Adventures of A love affair while underneath the right light, Just a
Pair of fate that would touch and share the night sky, aware his fair
Maiden made him life like, and To help despair and ache she lead him
Right, (or is it "let him write"?) straight to the point with her but
He's quite shy, he never crossed her lines she didn't like lies, where
Happiness swims that's where time flies, They laid in the middle of it
Side by side, and When he'd leave. she laid waiting for their next
Talk, Knowing every eve they'd pick up where they left off, she
Finished what he'd think, he filled her to the brink, Brought Passion
To her sheets with every stroke he pressed on, Stripped it all down as
Naked as a soul, Just as pure as sound unjaded uncontrolled, and In a
Sacred ritual, they gave themselves in full, Conceiving concepts of
Life to be the babies that they hold

But its' just a pen and pad, how they act is how I feel, It's all in
My head, but both of them it's real, I swear it's love but they're
Just a pen and pad, And how they act is how I feel, When Emotions mix
It's all in my head, But to both of then it's real.

She opened up to him risking his answers back, Cause from time to time
He wasn't willing to bandage the facts, Wounds were left open and
She'd brand the scratch, They created magic even when the magic was
Black, Thier bloody battles weren't planned attacks, Just Their demons
Had em at their necks, She'd paint her face with his blood Til he was
Lifeless at her touch So The demons can't dance there dance, Possessed
By jealousy anger and hate
Insecurely expressing these dangerous traits, They screamed like
There'd never be ways to relate, But they were literally on the same
Place of the page, And in the end they'd fix where they made the
Mistake, Where she was torn that was thrown away to the waste, he'd
Fill in her blanks with a change of his ways, Lights out, rough day
But their relationship stays

We dance on there mood, they dance on the right words, My life's a pen
And pad, And they dance to my lifes work. We dance on there mood, they
Dance on the right words, My life's a pen and pad, And they dance to
My lifes work. so dance on my mood, and dance on the right words, my
Life's a pen and pad you can dance to my life's work, so dance on my
Mood, and dance on the right words, my life's a pen and pad you can
Dance to my life's work,

I control life til it's the other way around,
When it is my favorite couple hold me down,
They show me life and bring me back to the ground,
While they give me safety, I give them sound

Sweet nothings
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Safe & Sound Lyrics

Pat Maine – Safe & Sound Lyrics