When you found out from your weather satellite
There's a cold front and it's moving in tonight
But you say it like it's gonna be alright
And I believe you, I really believe you, yeah!

Jackie Johnson [x4]

What's that, Jackie? Tell me it's not true.
You say those Santa Anna winds are coming through
It's gonna be hot and dry with a high of 92
Don't want to believe you, but I always believe you, yeah!

Jackie Johnson [x4]

My head was partly cloudy and my eyes were pouring rain.
Then you blew into my life just like a hurricane
Now my days are sunny and it's all because of you.

And it's all because of you.

Jackie, you're so pretty and so smart
When you take the weekend off I fall apart
'Cause there's a pressure system growing in my heart
I think I love you, Everybody loves you, yeah!

Jackie Johnson [x12]
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Jackie Johnson Lyrics

Parry Gripp – Jackie Johnson Lyrics