- "[sigh]"
- "Hey, hey, Parry, what's the matter?"
- "Yeah, Parry, hey, why so blue?"
- "Well there was something I didn't tell you."
- "What?"
- "What?"
- "Tell us, Parry"

The last song on the album is the saddest
Yeah, it's true

- "What?"
- "Ah, Parry, Parry, this isn't the last song. You can start it over"
- "Whaa-?"
- "This is- This is a CD, you can play it as many times as you want"
- "I can?"
- "Yeah. Yeah!"
- "Oh. That seems like a pretty good idea."
- "Play it again!" [x3]
- "Yeah!"
- "Yeah, I will play it again. That's a good idea."
- "Yeah!"
- "Let's see, I'll just push this button right here."
- "Okay!"
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The Last Song On The Album Lyrics

Parry Gripp – The Last Song On The Album Lyrics