Girl it looks to me like you that -ra ra-
Shake it close to me and freakin holla
Its how it's supposed to be
Let me take you home and maybe we can play
All right baby
I admit it I'm impressed
By the way that you giggle and how you dress
Got me lost in your wiggle I'm feeling blessed
I'm scheming a little less coz being with you is easy
Believe me
Ill loose all those demons if you just need me
Tell me you'll be my sweetie
Tell me I'm doing alright
Tell me you're that beautiful being I'll be doing tonight
Tell me we can bond and I got you from here on
Just let me make a couple more songs and well be airbourne
Tell me you're headstrong
Tell me your dreams
The many things
All you need
All the relevant scenes
Coz it seems well make a hell of a team
So lets ride
Ets slide just you and I
Come on
From the moment you came I've been checking your outline
I'm upping my game
Coz girl you're just so fine
Now howd I do it?
N break the spot with you
Huh cutie? I've noticed those eyes are damn near dangerous
The moment is now for us to take it
To a level
One that's mellow
Don't change a thing at all girl
I'm loving it
Look I've been meaning to call ya
Coz it seems I can't ignore ya
I'm all yours
You put my reasons back into order
I can't afford to leave you alone you're my water
The one I want
The one I carry home to my quarters
Couldn't have been purer
Your auras bright
And if you like I got what you looking for tonight
Its more than right
I'm sick ofthese types with all that -bla bla-
That bullshit but not you coz you're that -ra ra-
I sit alone -I got you up in my dome- and I'm prone to be loosing it
And doing something wrong
Coz I think about how you and me roam seeing things
Start living out these fucking feelings seeing (...)
Every evening relaxing
Feeling satisfaction
And freaking by the sea when it's time for some action
Damn right I'm asking
You wanna be down?
Well alright
Then come along with me now lets go
So come on baby girl lets ride
We can keep it tight
We can keep it going all night
We can keep this thing allright
We can keep it moving
So tell me girl are you in?
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Ra Ra Lyrics

Paperboys – Ra Ra Lyrics