Pip*pip pip (Vinni)*
alarm spoke 12, 45: and I awoke Last
night no joke yo we, got rowdier than most folks I
was broke but, traded smoke for some liquor Got,
drunk then, my man brought the coke get, the picture Now?
I'm lying here mary, coming out the pioneer I
could do with some gir I aint joking man I'm dying here Half
hour shower threw, up got, dressed New
shoes for my a Course** I got them at Stress I'm,
looking good feeling, like s titI'm, just trying to get my pipe in it Cure
the hang over with a nice hit feeling quite sick Kind
of cold like, an Ice pick I don't like it so I'm calling for a psychic Don't,
tell me what the weed at (Jayjay)
Du burde ikkje (Vinni)!
Man I don't need that this, aint no time to hit me with the feedback Called
like five guys still, aint high The,
whole city is dry that's f d****up Refreng
it's just one of them days (Vinni)
Makes me wonder who the f k**got js (Jayjay)
One of them days (Vinni)
I gonna get me something to blaze (Jayjay)
One of them days (Vinni)
When I'm looking for the purplest haze I'm, stuck in my ways Just,
one of them days (Jayjay).
it's just one of them days (Vinni)
Got me digging through the f gay***ashtrays (Jayjay)
One of them days (Vinni)
and I wonder where my lumber hash lays (Jayjay)
One of them days (Vinni)
Plus this liquor got me feeling nasty ask, me Its?
just one of them days (Vinni).
met up with Moe the maroccan took, a minute name-dropping Ran
some telephone numbers planned, the marihuana-shopping And.
last nights bottle-popping is still stressing me On
days like this ecspecially it's, a necesessity To
have the accessories - the chocolate High
like a rocket sh
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One Of Them Days Lyrics

Paperboys – One Of Them Days Lyrics