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Clap On Lyrics

Packy – Clap On Lyrics

Yeah, this is off top

Clap on, go and find a shoulder you can tap on
Tell 'em bout the kid that's killin' everything he rap on
Graduation cap on, thought I'd have a nine-to-five
Even though I started rappin', always kept the grind alive
I ain't ever been a quitter, I ain't ever droppin' out
Full-time​ rappers on their first while I put my third album out
That's light work, shorty, go and show me how that light work
Oh, you say you afraid of the dark? Well that might work
She just want a rapper, I just want that cheddar
So when bridges get to poppin' I just tell 'em to do better
Then I'm gone, what's the word about?
Packin' shows from word of mouth
And if they talkin' 'bout the man, I'm prolly what you heard about
16s, body those, work it, then it's adios
Illest cat that's rappin' that you don't hear on the radios
Really though, we set to blow, get your ticket
I'ma do my last show in The Mitten for a minute, boy
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