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Go Time Lyrics

Packy – Go Time Lyrics

Three, two, one

Deshaun Watson, running out of options
Throw away the key or let a killa get locked in
No problem, 'long as I'm in the cockpit
Captain of the Speck, Pack been in the bars
Like a mothafuckin' alcoholic, tears of joy
I'm back to ballin', made a livin' off of jappin' joint
How could I complain? It's awesome
All my sixteens cold and my beats coughin'
Y'all not built for this, big boy talk, we don't pop pills to this
Roll them sleeves up, go and get a meal to this
You don't need a deal when you ill, got it at your fingertips
Don't even bother checkin' my pen for the fingerprints
Hundred-plus songs, and they all mine
And they all real, and they all come right on time
My life changed when I got online
I think it's safe to say, but I remain the same
Every day, they got another game to play, I take it day-to-day
Back on road, I'ma pave the way, you feel that shit?
In your soul like an 808, my shit go like it's running late
We got no time, go time
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