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Still Primitive Lyrics

Overdose – Still Primitive Lyrics

Ignorance - This is what keeps you supreme
You're full of ingratitude
Everything you get or what touch lies here
And you judge yourself to be God!

That's why you live for the tv
Or to serve corporations
Why do you spend all your useless life
Pushing drugs and smoking dope all day?

You live among the battles on the streets
You pollute the air that you depend on to live
Stop to think now!

Disrespect you've been giving you
Your brain's used to just build up greed and more hate
You are blind, for power you die
You burn the earth and destroy all environments

You sell your s** on the corners
You've got no self-esteem, pride or respect
You've got no bounds, you've got no laws
When money talks, all your values walk

Tell me now just what you're wanting
What's this gun in your hand for?
More violence you're inbreeding
More distress you're spreading out there

Happiness is something you've always wished
It is in front of you but you could never find it
Sadness you've got it!


Your selfishness makes you close your eyes
To your friends that need some help
You do it all just to satisfy
Your sick mind and your presumption

You are the poor victim of your madness
No love – No faith – No peace - Just sadness
No hope to change it!
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