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Faithful Death Lyrics

Overdose – Faithful Death Lyrics

Die, die, do not think about your life
Die, you will find the other side
Don't wait, just keep on following me

I'm the man who was sent by the Lord
You're the chosen lamb of my herd
God is in my speech
Power's in my hand
I'm the one who'll lead you to the promised land

Bow down before me and ask for my mercy
Implore to your God
Holding my hand, to know all my blessing
Let me show the way

Leave under my care
All your desire


In the worst time of your life
I loosen your mind
You have been given all my help
Now I want your soul
A loyal proof to God
Give me all control
Praised be the Lord


I'm gonna accomplish all your failure


I have answers to all your questions
Let me heal all your pain
And give you eternal rest
All you want to know
I will teach you

Let the death angel
Take you by the hand
Just freeze, your mind and soul
Don't worry 'bout the end

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