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Serv Asat Lyrics

Otep – Serv Asat Lyrics

Serv asat

To exterminate the plague soiling my brain
I put the pen to the pad until the madness drains
Cuz words are colossal aggressive not docile
Infectious like a brothel no need to get hostile
Calling all apostles united we stand
They bleeding out they nostrils I'm wicked with hands
Throwing vicious combinations witness devastation
I just fucked your soul annihilation

Feel the sensation tickle & grow
Spreading over your mind & taking control
A noble savage on a rampage war is all that i know
Feeding hungry heads defeating all your heros

Art saves make the pain a weapon you can use

From the moment I wake it rains grenades
So I scribble on the page & reality fades
I walk the Scottish moors with pagans on forest floors
Test the sacraments & conjure up thunderstorms
I hunt with Cernunnos & dance with satyrs
Conquer Rome in a day & battle armored invaders

Infested with ticks this existence is shit
All these traitors in the trees while the napalms drips
Words burn their lips like old roach clips
Holy as I infected by this

Art saves make the pain a weapon you can use

Serv asat

I liberate the devils in my head
Through the paragraphs crafted by my pen

These demons drip on the page
My blind, multi-eyed children of rage

I could'a took a bat to the back of his head
Or dropped a napalm bomb on the bed as she slept

But i split & wrote it down instead
At least now you know who you're fucking with
I'm sick but I'm free
You're weak & I'm built for the siege


Art saves make the pain a weapon you can use

Serv asat
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